Sunday, 7 September 2008

SAMSON - Are You Samson? (UK Psych Prog 1969)

Samson was one of the more obscure outfits signed to Andrew Oldham's Immediate label, considering that they got to cut an entire concept album, "Are You Samson?", which was released by the label in 1969. They played the Marquee Club, and were known around London, but never caught on. Keyboard man and singer Ian Kewley later worked with Strider and Limey, before hooking up with Paul Young. This Samson had no relationship to an early '70s English band of the same name.

Tracks :
01. Traffic (3:27)
02. Sleep (2:20)
03. Journey (3:10)
04. Fair (8:44)
05. The End Song (4:44)
06. Mars (4:46)
07. Venus (2:56)
08. Saturn (3:49)
09. Poem for Sam (4:25)
10. Wool and Water - Bonus Track (4:24)

Musicians :
- Samson (Main Performer)
- Les Jones (Guitar)
- Norman Findley (Organ)
- Paul Ford (Trumpet)
- Les Olbinson (Percussion)
- Mike Delaney (Drums)

Link : (initially posted on PNF by Munju)

A very special but really pleasant one ! The use of horns set Samson apart somewhat.

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