Sunday, 29 May 2016

Dave and Dana Price - Satisfied (Original 1975 Private Xian Folk LP)

Great Christian folk album, w/ excellent vocals by Dana & fine guitar (acoustic, electric & 12-string) from Dave (including wicked acoustic slide on the title song).
(That's it, no other instruments & Dave doesn't sing; on one track Dana doubles her vocals, otherwise it's just 1 voice/1 guitar throughout.)
First of 5 albums by this Brit (he) /American (she) couple who were known on the Christian circuit but not really much beyond that.

Rare privately pressed LP out of Baltimore, Maryland.
This has some great folk psych tracks that has a great mix of mellow and dark.

Listen to this one :

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Record : VG+
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Thursday, 19 May 2016

DON PLATT - Sunday (Excellent 1971 US Private Loner Folk LP)

Short album (less than 29 minutes for 14 tracks) with all original compositions.
A great voice for a very great LP with a fantastic A-Side.

"No-label release from 1971 recorded in New York. Mostly solo acoustic guitar and vocals with an introspective, melancholy feeling in several places." (Review on ebay)

Listen to these excellent songs :

Scarce ... and very great LP ... don't miss this one !

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