Saturday, 27 April 2019

Jeanette Sharpham - I Have Joy (Extremely rare 1975? Australian Private Xian Folk LP on Gems of Joy)

Jeanette Sharpham (born Peters) : lead vocals, guitar, tambourine

As the title suggests, this Australian singer/songwriter’s album has Christian lyrics, and as that suggests this has a very precious, innocent and breezy feel.
What this description probably doesn’t convey is just how good this is : Sharpham has a delightful voice that reminds me of Bonnie Dobson and is a very gifted songwriter.
The backing is beautifully judged as well, with acoustic guitar complemented by occasional piano, tambourine and electric accordion.
In addition to Dobson, other reference points could include Dell Dudenhoeffer and Kathey J. Jee, though this is better than either of them and could become a very expensive and sought-after LP.
(Reviewed by Richard Falk - )

Listen to these songs :

I'm not (and I'll never be) a great fan of Xian music but I can not ignore that kind of beautiful voice ! Amazing singer and great singer-songwriter !

Record : VG++
Cover : VG++ (see pictures)
Price : 100,00 Euros (+ expedition costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post)
Payment : PAYPAL
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Rick Watson - The Light Shines On (Very rare 1979 US Private Xian Folk LP)

From somewhere in the middle of North Dakota comes this excellent artsy custom of acoustic rock, lonesome folk meditations and rough-hewn out-doorsy rural rock.
Nice unrefined bluesy electric guitar graces the latter, while the folk-edged material is delivered with the beauty and sensitivity of early Bruce Cockburn often enveloped with a stark solemn presence.
Rick plays acoustic and electric guitar and wrote all the twelve titles, including ‘Candles Burn in the Distance’, ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus’, ‘Lady Sleeps With the Light On’, ‘Whistler of Darkness and Dawn’, ‘Sea of Mystery’, and ‘Out of the Storm Into the Sun’.
Additional instruments includes bass, fiddle (one song), harmony vocals, and synthesizer (sounding pleasantly trippy on the title track).
Remarkable b&w cover design/ graphics. 
(Review from The Archivist, 4th edition, by Ken Scott).

Really an excellent album we have here … and very rare.
The folk-edged tracks are my favourites but the whole album is very consistent.

Record : VG+ (because there's a slight warp that doesn't affect the play)
Cover : VG++ (see pictures)
Price : Recently SOLD … I'm sorry !
Payment : PAYPAL
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Brian & O'Brien - Ramble Away (Rare 1981 US Private Irish Folk)

Brian & O'Brien are Brian Coughlan and his wife Philomena O'Brien Coughlan.
Brian Coughlan : Lead vocals and guitar
Philomena O'Brien Coughlan : Bass guitar and vocals

Here's another interesting Irish Folk LP recorded in Largo, Maryland, with mostly traditional tracks and one original - 'Ramble Away'.

Record : VG++
Cover : VG++ (autographed on the front by Brian Coughlan - see picture)
Price : 50,00 Euros (+ expedition costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post)
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Saturday, 13 April 2019

David Christian - Windows & Doors (Rare 1975 US Private SSW LP)

Rare and really excellent US Singer Songwriter LP privately released in 1975 !

Listen to these tracks available on YouTube :


Another essential addition to any serious US Folk collection !

Record : EXC (was still sealed when I bought it and I only played it once)
Cover : EXC+
Price : 120,00 Euros (+ expedition costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post)
Payment : PAYPAL
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