Sunday 30 June 2013

CHARLIE LOCHNER - "Winter in My Life" (1976 US Private Folk Psych)

From a music blog review :
“This is a very pretty, very obscure (it’s not even mentioned in the Lysergia/Acid Archives book) folk album from a songwriter who lived in Cheshire, Connecticut.
It was released in 1976, and definitely leans towards the downer/loner side of folk music.
Lochner has quite a unique approach to writing and recording music.
His singing is most-closely aligned with British singers: a higher-register voice with nice vibrato.
His guitar playing is very, very minimal."

A still unknown little gem in my opinion.
I can send some mp3s by email for those who could be interested !

Cover : VG+
Record : VG++
Price : Recently SOLD - I'm sorry !
Payment : PAYPAL or Bank transfer (ask for my account number)
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TOM COSS said...

I knew Charlie very well from a prayer group I use to go to in Cheshire, Connecticut. He was at one time Father Charlie Lochner when he recorded his great album "Winter In My Life." I never saw him again after he left Connecticut and moved to New Jersey and got married. I miss Charlie and the Prayer Group GREATLY! I had his record album but lost it when I had to move! I wish Charlie ALL The BEST! GOD BLESS YOU CHARLIE! From, TOM COSS of Meriden, Connecticut E-Mail me at

imnotgod said...

Thanks for your comment Tom Coss !