Saturday, 19 May 2018

Bakadi - Bardolini Songs (Great 1983 Austrian Private Kraut Psych LP)

Extremely rare Austrian private Pressing from the early 80's issued in 500 copies with a distinct 70's sound influenced by UK groups like "COB" "Trees" "Forest" etc..
Beautiful male vocals in English with occasional female backing and a melancholy stoned atmosphere on tracks like "Come Away Death" "Swallow" "Will You Endure Me ?" "The Caterpillar & The Butterfly" " The Two Flowers" and more ...
(review from eBay seller)

Listen to this track :

I can send some mp3 files when you're interested buying the record.

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC+
Price : 60,00 Euros (+ expedition costs - by registered parcel with tracking - calculated by the Belgian Post office)
Payment : PAYPAL
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