Thursday, 19 May 2016

DON PLATT - Sunday (Excellent 1971 US Private Loner Folk LP)

Short album (less than 29 minutes for 14 tracks) with all original compositions.
A great voice for a very great LP with a fantastic A-Side.

Very rare LP and my exemplary is autographed (see front cover).

"No-label release from 1971 recorded in New York. Mostly solo acoustic guitar and vocals with an introspective, melancholy feeling in several places." (Review on ebay)

No track available on youtube ... so I could send some mp3s when you're interested with the record.

Scarce ... and very great LP ... don't miss this one !

Cover : VG+ (autographed - see front cover)
Record : VG++
Price : Recently SOLD - I'm sorry ...
Payment : PAYPAL or Bank transfer (ask for my account number)
Contact :

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