Friday, 22 August 2008

AUMGAIA ( Excellent current Belgian folk band )

AumGaiA is located at the crossroads of various origins and musical styles. Its roots are celtic-medieval-Scandinavian, equally by the presence of its melodies, by sound exploration, as well as by the stories which it conveys.
AumGaiA by definition recalls the symbiotic bond of man to earth.
It sings of human lives through the times and takes as a starting point tales and Celtic legends and Vikings like the former bard Menestrel.
The force of this musical unit comprises a singer, a violonist, a guitarist, a bass player and a drummer, to titillate the roots in each being and to inspire the joy of life and its discoveries. Scenic environment, visually, the costumes give life to the stories plunging the spectator in a dream Beyond the music...

You can discover their music and more infos on their websites :

Truly amazing !!!

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