Wednesday, 11 June 2008

JOHN SASE - Aessence ( US dreamy acid folk 1975 )

Great dreamy acid folky psych LP released in limited 300 copies circulation in 1985 although it was recorded in 1975.
Great LP utilizing a plethora of intruments including String Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Indian Bells, Hand Percussion, Noseflute and Harmonica with deep vibe.
Similar to Arthur Lee Harper, Bobb Trimble, Bill Clint, and the likes ....

1. Zothique
2. Winter Song
3. Industrial Age
4. Laughing and Free
5. Only A Play
6. Get It Together
7. King Alfred
8. Grand Illusion
9. Silver Winter's Morn
Total Time : 29'35"

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A very underrated one. Highly recommended !!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a monetary value on original pressing of this record?
Thank you